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Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

Dead man walking,
Manipulation in the princess cry,
Tears of influence roll down ice cold skin,
Her heart a stone, her motive clear,
Gluttonous & insensitive to all who are near,
Dead man walking, 
A martyr to love,
Stripped of all dignity,
A verdict of shame,
Irony ensued,
For it is he who lies victim,
His own fate sealed by the lack of a tear,
The judge dances, to a familiar tune,
For the man must be tried,  as all who have passed,
For it is written that guilt must be laid,
On the shoulders of the man, he must carry the weight,
Dead man walking,
His fate now sealed, 
Investigation, inquisition, nothing concealed,
To seek justification, for the princess's exertion,
For it is written that he must explain,
He must account, for the decision she took,
The mirror's distain, apportioned her blame,
Projecting her hate, she continues to bait,
He lies at the mercy, of her wielding arm,
Dead man walking, 
finish him she must,
For the truth must die with him,
Retaliation unjust,
The man lies dying, abandoned by fact,
For the princess grows stronger from the judgement she struck,
Dead man walking, 
Dead man…

©️ 2020 Graham Marshall 
©️ #Poem Only

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