Poem -

Deep Inside The Woods

Deep inside the woods, my memories returned,
Oh, and how I wept, for they had made me yearn.
I could recall the sound of travelling mirthful gales,
But the ship of past had sadly long since sailed.

The air filled with the scent of those sultry summer nights,
Spellbound and dreamy, we'd trail the fading dusky light.
I walked the endless paths with friends that I held dear,
Unconscious of the world beyond that waited with a sneer.

And I possessed a mind so crystal clear and pure,
Existing in another realm with neither rich nor poor.
I felt the cooling breeze that had kissed our flush red cheeks,
As we journeyed through the heart of life's enchanted creeks.

And as I gently strolled, I passed a place I knew,
Where we were once regaled with tales of trolls,
Floating on a cloud of bliss in every breath we drew,
Oh, and how I ached to see the precious land of old.

Emerging from the woods, the present had resurfaced,
Oh, and how I wept, for all of it seemed worthless.
And I daydreamed of innocence again,
But tides they turn, and now we're men.

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