Poem -

Deja Vu

It's like I met her in my past life, but I haven't died and been reborn yet. Im wishing I could make her my wife, but that time in life ain't came around yet. I'm so dark she bring the light, it's a gamble for my heart and she'll take the bet. She bring a blind man sight, in the cold she could make a nigga sweat. I've been here before, I have felt this day. The horse play that turn into four-play. If you've seen the things I've seen don't make a scene just play the part. The making of poetry feel like the making of art. The stroke of a pen, the stroke of the brush meaning picture perfect painting or a painted perfect picture. Scripture. Preaching unto the strong and advid listeners. Pray on to the Lord above, I don't fall short of the guy whose on her like a leach. Smooth and soft to the touch but the heart is about hard as the core of a peach. J.cole, Kendrick and Drake influenced. I love about as hard as a tyson punch when his hips into it. Mind compared to Delphi, a beautiful place whose now just ruins. Even and still it's cluttered in here no naps, but I still wouldn't let you in. It seem like ever since they took my spine my head been off, scoliosis. Been needing pain medicine, aspirin, but if I take them I'm overdosing. Wake up a zombie, soul is floating. Ride my own wave, or head between her D's either way I'm motorboating. For people who thinking shit sweet I ain't gonna sugar coat it. 

Deja Vu, look at you another mood swing. I see you don't wear one, cool cause if you did they gonna think you apart of gay pride with all them colors showing on the mood ring. I expressed pain with a note, that's a good thing. No it's not, cause it'll b flat if this boy could sing. Most people confused as in to why I didn't hit it yet. They say she taught me love and I was the teacher's pet. I see it, energy depleted, but if let some one else take it, it'll mean regret. I don't get aroused easily, but when I see it bet. But this woman bad enough for me to get hard by her silhouette. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Can't really sleep or write unless I'm slow jamming. I break down like what more do you want from me? Used to stand tall to you standing right over me. Too close for comfort. Too young to get hurt. Cause around here I gotta stand tall, iman shumpert. My pride must stand up. Inside I man up. Either that or i get rammed on the grill but I been built dodge tough. I be feeling a mummy when I'm writing but still punch george foreman. Strong arming. But my wounds couldn't hold up a suture. My past mind blow up in my presence in the end I see no future. Me getting with her? Man please in me she see homor. But if all this is coming from my mind I'm lose her. I keep thinking about this shit, I let it all into my mix, it's like I remember the good things but all this is coming from a tumor. I'm talking migraine's, chest pain's, I'm doing very bad. There's not enough in me to give you what you need she really took all that I had.

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