Poem -

Deny the Blood

7/4/1776-Oh, sorry, 2020

Deny the Blood

Cold beer cans click and fizzle,
Cherry pie served a la mode,
Gravel drives and starry skies,
Rockets whistle and explode.

          I cannot celebrate this year

Everyday we hear a the sound,
The shot heard around the world,
War is won and freedom done,
The prejudice flag unfurled.

          They lied to us in school

Gather one and gather all,
Eat the US birthday cake,
Built to choke the system broke,
The media calls it fake.

          A slaver writes our nation’s rights

America the riot,
Unless you have darker skin,
People say its not the way,
Those who fight are those who sin.

          And my family says it’s cool

Drag horses to the water,
It drinks that which is not true,
Many dead and waters red,
It sees only white and blue.

          In all the flames, truth remains:

All lives can’t matter until Black Lives do.

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