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The thing about depression:

That's the thing about depression, some days you feel so strong like nothing in the world could hold you back but the very next morning you struggle to get out of bed. It's like a circus, it's all smiles and laughter on the outside but behind closed doors it's tears and sweat.
You go to bed at night with a heavy weight on your chest, praying that when you wake up (if you wake up) it'll all be gone. But it never is.

That's the thing about depression, even on the good days there's still a part of you broken inside, you try to laugh it off or smile it away, but no amount of joy can lift the heavy weight.
It's like a stain, no matter how many times you wash it, there's still a faint shadow, and when you think you've finally gotten rid of it, as soon as you touch it, you realise it's still there, even though nobody else can see it.

That's the thing about depression, no matter how many times you try to talk about it, nothing seems to come out. All of a sudden you're too embarrassed to admit that you're sad.
You become afraid to burden someone else with your problems, because the truth is you're afraid that nobody else will truly care or understand. 
That's the thing about depression, it becomes a silent passenger. And silence can become deadly. If you're suffering from depression you're not alone, and I hope you never feel too afraid to talk about it. 

It's okay not to be okay sometimes ❤️

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Cherie Leigh

HI Taylor...Great message....So many suffer in silence with depression...I admit that I have been there too.  It can be so lonely to be in that place and not to want to let anyone down with what you are going through so it is kept inside.   It can be miserable...but I like how you express to not stay alone in it and to talk it out.... Relatable. xo