Poem -

Did You Know Him?

Did you know him?
That man that loved me?
That one whose love I could see so easily
In a million ways no one had shown before?

Did you ever hear us?
The pleading lonely sobs we shared
Those long nights when it seemed no one cared?
Those many nights spent weeping on the floor?

How well did you know
The other half of my heart?
Did you ever hear him sing?
Did you ever feel the Joy his voice could bring?

Did he tell you where he's gone?
Or why he suddenly went away?
When I was finally able to touch him
Finally able to be in the arms of my everything?

If you see my love again
If you should ever pass by each other
Somewhere in the dark, somewhere in the silence
Tell him I am still here waiting for him to come home

Tell him I have not moved
I am right here where he left me
Tell him, for me, that I will be here always waiting
Until the day he returns, never again shall I wonder or roam

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A Lonely Journey

What a beautifully written, sad poem. Life is sad and disappointing, and heartbreaking, and you've captured it so perfectly. 
Great poem. 


A Lonely Journey

You're welcome, Twilla. You're a beautiful writer. 


Twilla Carpenter

Thank You. I'm glad to find that it reads the way it felt. Always encouraging to be aknowlaged by you, Silent Dreamer.