Poem -


About me finding myself


Recently I’ve been going through a lot
i’ve been trying to find myself
for a while I didn’t know I was lost
i thought it was normal to feel like this
its not

i tried to convince myself that everyone goes through this
that I’m not an odd one out
but all along the answer was staring me in the face
but I didn’t accept it

A month ago something changed
something that made me look at myself in a new way
although I was scared
i told a friend 
she said she was proud 
and finally I could breath again

a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders
i felt escaped like a bird flying from a cage
i was finally free and not chained
yesterday I told the rest of my friends 
and no more was I afraid

so now I had found myself
i could finally understand 
lately i hadn’t been putting myself down
im different 
and that’s ok
im Asexual and I’m not afraid to say

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Being Me

Such a heart felt poem. I think there are times we all feel a little lost for many different reasons x