Poem -

It’s ok not to be ok sometimes

It’s a poem about someone that ruined me

It’s ok not to be ok sometimes

I don’t get this
Not at all

My heart is full
Of love for people
That don’t want me back
It’s holding together 
But it’s starting to show cracks

It’s been over a year
I know cus I counted
We don’t talk anymore
It’s hard

But yet again
If you came back now
I’d let you
With open arms 
all that pain you left me with
I’d gladly revive it again
Just to be in you arms 
Once more

I don’t get it
Not at all
All I know is
Love is a great fall
but what I’ve learnt from it all
its ok not to be ok sometimes 

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Being Me

I felt the despair in this. Sometimes we want answers that will never be forthcoming. I get it.  Well expressed x