Poem -



I’ve never had a valentines card
its sounds sad 
I’ve lived 21 years 
no one has written me one

i have never been in love
when people talk about it
it sounds like magic
i want to know what it is

how can I find someone
when I’m lost myself?
its not fair on them

i did try it
but it got confusing
all the time worrying
i just knew this wasn’t were I was
so why was I looking there?
why am I still looking there?
its because I want to be found
but I’m still deep in the woods
unsure if I’ll ever emerge from the vines

or do I know where exactly I’m hiding
so scared for the world to see me
the real me
that I hide behind the branches of trees

im unsure if I’ll ever escape the vines and trees of my mind
because honestly I’m scared of what I might find if I do escape
im scared


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Being Me

Oh.... This is so heartfelt. With a heart like this how can you not find love one day?