Poem -

Dis Dada's Dutiful Toothfairy Daze

Dis Dada's Dutiful Toothfairy Daze

(dirty dental deeds done dirt cheap,
yet...aye value, treasure, revere...those
loosely fading cutting edge com man
dubble size memories.)

(Witch role an
unavoidable mandatory phase),
that nowadays breaks the piggybank
like a dropped fragile vase
you most likely nod

assent if offspring grown,
or ponder new found challenge
expectant motherhood costs of progeny
take the following
precendent all ways.

Deux daughters desiduous teeth comprise
sum total of forty milky pearl white
whereat each healthy tooth
a miraculous bite size bit

of jaw dropping wizardry in vite
tasty morsel to get chewed,
until at some arbitrary time
(incumbent on each

individual biological clock),
the second set thwart aside
(or sometime literally override)
these baby choppers right

fully as sought after
treasures for the tooth fairy
(oft time disguised as part
of canine corp) offer sterling sight,

but fascinating as
each replicated, punctuated,
lacteal dentition adorned
with a pulp,

dentin, enamel, and cementum quite
a complex miniature edifice,
or a more apropos
metaphor fielding sprite

would be a picket fence
with important slats,
and thus a challenging plight
arises when a child

shows their mother or father
gapped smile, and understands
to place tooth
under pillow at night

when quiet as a mouse,
(who to be honest
create scratching
sounds) the might

tee tooth fairy,
doth descend (nowadays
resort to global positioning
satellite application)

to find their way
without turning on the light
soundless and still
as a dust mote

feign being a knight
less to rescue a damsel, maybe
one baby step
ahead of her/his insight

expecting to disover
a modest wad of cash,
if stood on end,
rather sizable in height

and essentially
necessitating po' papa
to take out a loan,
or hope flight

of fancy wish to win lottery,
which would excite
self or spouse, but
reality in league

with the fickle finger
of fate doth
disappoint and delight
son or daughter

boasting to classmates,
how the rich tooth fairy
(iz actually a faux pas
sham shaman, dirt

poor father, bled dry,
whose coutenance
(visible after break of day)
reflects that of one,

who barely survived a catfight
with finances in tatters as if
one money hungry
toothless fairy took a bite.

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