Poem -

Do The Dance

Do The Dance

It's ok to feel vulnerable
To show your weaker side
It's ok to show emotions
To be teary eyed
You're learning to be human
How to trust and open up your heart
There's nothing to be ashamed of
Letting someone in and be a part
You don't have to be so strong
That you hide behind a smile
There's someone there to walk with you
When you face a painful mile
Put yourself in the position
Be vulnerable, do the dance
It's ok if you stumble
Just get out there and take a chance

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Gayle...What great advice....I can see a mother expressing her feelings to her daughter to take chances and not miss out on life, even risking falling a few time in life, but making her dreams come true and goals in reach.  Positive message!  I enjoyed. xo ;) 

Gayle McMillan

Thank you Cherie, I always appreciate your imput!