Poem -



Douse my skin in blood
Of every enemy that strikes yours
In valour to drip and never forgive
The pain you portray in crimson

In unearthing the depth of you
I open the nerve to every holding cell
Caressing all I kill, as I look throughΒ 
Where the burden bleeds from your eyes
As they speak becoming mine
And I lament your past to see
The earthbound and the agonies to last

When I first found you
You were frail and fractured
A doll inside a cage, a loss I had to capture
And when I opened you up, I knew
I could heal what I stared through
And you'd be the only one, to whom I'd answer

So arouse my sins of love; be the death of me
Despite the shame, in carnage we'll bathe
When the rain, it floods
Just take my hand and I'll lead you where
Loyalty empowers reprisal
And you feel your fear cascade
Till it's rid from off your face
Confound upon the trail I bestow, for your arrival

And all along, we've been bound to where we bleed
And I hope still in death to find you
Where the darkness binds you, here with me

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Ian William

Thank you ever so much, Poetess! To receive such a compliment from you, I am truly humbled!

Edward Williams

Nice piece ..That first stanza is amazing ... it’s so bold and it just flows from the lips... and is the perfect introduction too .. great job Ian very impresive. I think so anywayπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Ian William

I'm glad you think so, Edward! Thank you ever so much for your kind and encouraging comment!

Mitsali Fatima

I can't believe you can write this good!
Incredible read, no kidding :)

Ian William

Thank you incredibly much, Mitsali! I am deeply grateful and humbled by your kindness!