Poem -

Elf Arrow

Those dark lit eyes
Young and free
old and wise
Set within
An earthly guise

Nice enough it is to look upon
And built as man should be
Oh, but I know the shape of his soul
when it wonders wild and free

I know that once they held him high
With horns upon his brow
I know that once they took him down
For taming the black sow

I see clearly days gone past
Hear his panting as he runs
Fighting, hiding, surviving battles
Both those with swords and those with guns

Elf Arrow, quick and deadly
Just one name, but there are so many more
Other lives not turned to fiction
Dancing storyteller, a healer, always magic at his core

Cauldron born is my love
Kindness and chaos clashing within
Magic, mystery, romance and adventure
Never stop beckoning him

Oh, if only this world to my own will
I could more easily shape and bend
I would live forever in that place
Where our minds so effortlessly blend

I see his past
And those moments that last
The battles fought
And magic cast

But I know not if I was ever there
If there is a history we share
If I never held him in a single life
Than never has a life been fair

If ever the moment comes
When his heart beats again beneath my hand
I will drink in every moment
And bless the ground on which we stand

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