Poem -

end time approaches

end times approaches, rumors of war

the End Times Approaches

why do I feel
the end times are approaching
with each passing day
the news gets worst

the hatred grows
the fear grows
the end of time 
comes closer to our door

and I fear
the growing power
of the fascists
and their ilk

and I fear
that the world 
is ending  soonRumors of War

it seems that 
we are in the end times
wars, and rumors of war
terrorism all around us

the dogs of war
are restless, just waiting 
to emerge from their lairs

to unleash havoc 
death and destruction
end of the world 

and the leader of the world
our purported president 
is every day
becoming more deranged

moment by moment
loosing his mind
as the inner demons
take over

and at such a time
when the whole world
seems to be sliding towards war

Our dear leader
seems determined
to lead us to the ultimate
war of all

world war 111 
looms ahead
it could start any day
and nothing will stop

our idiot in chief
from unleashing
the dogs of war

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