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Ever Never

I would never sell my soul for just one price - the poems that I write, the stories I create are far too niceĀ 
I would never hurt another - no not intentionally because I wear my heart exposing its blood - just right here on my sleeve
I would never have a drink or two without a cigarette - I always say I'll quit the bad things but it seems to be only a betĀ 
I would never kill your spirits like I've killed mine - never lead you too far astray like some Zeppelin and a line
I would never tell you something that was deemed another secret - because well I was always inclined to be the one who keeps itĀ 
I would never pick another flower just to marvel as its beauty - I respect the love of their structure from their petals to their rooties
I would never disobey the law if it'll cause me myself and my own - but I refuse to become an experiment for another government cloneĀ 
I would never punish the sun for only wanting to see the moon - because they all mean more to me than a crowded and heated room
I would never try to judge you - even you should know that - but us humans need to know when to straighten up their slantĀ 
I would never mistreat mother earth - never disrespect my ancestors legacy - cause I'm writing this poem from deep within this blood from my ancestors who made me

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