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Ex Father

Own the break . Do your part parent  . You favor the biggest and eldest miss out on our wonderful youngest . He simply says no and you gave up after the first no . No travel for me then , stuck at home then . Still control over what I can do then , still emotionally fucking me over then . Grumpy old lady who never got rid of frustration . Own your original role  ex .  In my  opinion sort of disowned and replaced your sperm children with her three sons .  Give me a brake more than you do . Once a month a day and a half is not enough to catch up on my work load , let alone quiet desires . Or sexual needs . Scratch my head sometimes , the parenting role you always made mine . And I don't mind , I  enjoy my offspring  . And would , and do put aside my own stuff to bring them up . They are older , so am I . Your a bit selfish in my opinion I encouraged anything you desired and gave praise . Shouldn't really be surprised you act this way . Your first son to another chick , you never gave the time of day . He will not think of you as a Father . And perhaps our youngest will think the same . 

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