Poem -

Fear of the bridge

Remembering Yolanda, the strongest typhoon that wrecked havoc in the Philippines 6 years ago..

Fear of the bridge

No bread, no butter for them at home
Innocent souls, no place to call home
Piercing to a homeless heart
Possessions crunching and tearing apart. 

A wall of water surged in all direction
Houses flattened sans storms protection 
Everything was dragged with the wreck
Alas! a milestone ' round everyone's neck'.

The village now smelled like a beach
When sea salt seeped into the land as far as it could  reach
Fierce wind caught them by surprise 
Saw the torrent from the defiant skies.

Bodies paralysed with fear; a group never ran 
Sat on bended knees, then prayers began
Others dismissed a sound of cries
Dread reflected in everyone's eyes.

No fear, no fear in their hearts
Face another day - another starts
Can't see clearly through the cosmic mystery 
Yearning be a part of history.

They crossed the bridge early if you don't know 
But were afraid to go
And were afraid to see
Corpses scattered on the troubled sea.


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Leah...What a horrible typhoon that was!  Those last verses you wrote just really gave me chills to envision that scene of dead bodies in the sea....What a terrible time of suffering and slow recovery that must have been...Thank you for writing of it to give perspective of what that was like.  I am sorry for such a tragedy.  I hope no one you know was hurt or affected....  Love n Hugs, xo 

Leah Cabael Yodico

Hi Cherie,  yes it still haunts us...
I have so many friends and relatives who lost their lives, properties etc...
It was a complete bedlam; debris everywhere, dead bodies decomposed and couldn't be identified anymore, others washed out to the sea , children ripped from arms. ..
After 3 days of attempting all means of gathering information and grueling uncertainty if my nephew and his two kids were safe, we finally heard the news that they were alive....my nieces went to Tacloban , crossed the San Juanico bridge,  here in picture, the bridge that connects Samar and Leyte, saw sea of corpses scattered everywhere ...But, Samar and Leyte are still standing.  
thanks for your concern. 



Lorna Caizley

Such an awful time, you captured the feeling well

Love lorna xxx

Leah Cabael Yodico

Hi Lorna, nice to have you back...
thanks for your support.