Poem -

"Fight to Save The Light!"

"Fight to Save The Light!"

"I'm sure when you and I were kids,
we never wished for any of this.
We wanted to grow up,
to be big, strong, and tall,
but we didn't know what was,
in store for us all,
and now that we are grown,
we all have a choice.

Should we listen to the evil,
or The Glorious Voice?
Trust me my brothers and sisters,
I know it is hard,
don't think I don't struggle,
just because I'm a bard,
but I am on these pages,
to tell you it's worth it,
it is worth everything,
to not be numb,
just let it sting,
that only means you are alive,
there is no sense in trying to hide,
for God and I,
we accept,
where those others uncaring,
were prone to neglect.

Just say what you mean,
or write it all down,
then burn those pages up,
let thousands of pieces of ashes,
float all through your town,
because you are worth it,
we need your strength and God and I know deep down,
that you have,
in Our Fight to Save The Light!"

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