Poem -

Final cry

Final cry

Teetered on the break 
I stare into the darkness 
void of reflection 
Troubled waters of my mind 
Abandoned hope 
With soul departing 
I lie alone, 
Recounting days 
That hurt the most 
The why's the how's 
Injustice and pain, 
Throat worn tired 
Within I scream 
Alas this may my final cry 
Mustering the word 
No begging nor pleading 
A solitary word, 
I find myself with hope 
For now, at this moment 
My cry can be heard

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Richard Waters

Writing of clear purpose and clarity, involving the reader in an instinctive appraisal of emotional responses to concerns and dilemmas affecting perspective. Reflective understanding raises this piece above the everyday and a considered approach increases the potentency of the work !

Tidy meaningful composition !

Wishing you all the best !  :)

Gavin Wenlock

Many thanks Richard I really appreciate your comments, peace and love