Poem -



  Listen to that song it's broken
on some other shore
cuts and flowers always growing
darkness licks at my beauty
Romeo has hung his Juliet
over and over again

hands rub at the disguises
each one such a reality in surprise
death dances in purple shrouded clouds
inside his green alien eyes
alone on a leather plastic stare
he loans another day
Visions fall from bible sighs
puddles drip as rainbows weep
hated light  smiles from
another saints throat
still breathless suicide
scared that im the only clown
why can I not just sleep
decisions balance this stupid way
lurching scented path
Another naked parade
marble figures singing about eaten dreams
shining blades cut
this flesh bleeds onto
savage thorny crowns
terrible thing follows
me so near stiched onto fingers
attached with string
suicides lover
holds the lucky hand
laying on this unwashed week
legs spread to except the bleed
talking into faithless space
this prisoner

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