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-Trapped in the depths of my mind
-time has no meaning
-like time stopped at dawn
-.....or maybe it's dusk
-....no twilight, that's it!
-caught in the farcical evanescence when the sun kisses the skyline
-coaxing out a chimera variegation of blues pinks Oranges and purples that beautifully stain the face of the heavens -an ethereally aerial inkblot test that revolves around me until I can't tell one hue from the next
-......is the world spinning or am I
-slow down.....
-focus..... there is no focus here
-with nothing and everything to focus on -eyes glued open
-my mind defenseless....
-unprotected to the interminable lambasting of new information
-no structure.......
-no order......
-the connections binding one thought to another stretched and weak
-so of no relevance to each other...
-or themselves.....
-focus has not chance of strengthening it's hold here
-in this place where it's needed most
-even writing this....
-it teases me with transient glimpses of clarity
-taunting me....
-Clarity runs grey and black
-color Vivid
-Can you repeat yourself
-over and over
- Attention so adventurous
-It wondered never to settle
-Trudging along the beaten trails of the forest of thought
-Where the smog of indecision and doubt roll over my eyes obscuring the pathway to my train of thought
-leaving me with the bittersweet taste of remembrance

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   Hola Jasmine, once again, diggin the hell out o' this write man... There is nothin wrong with your wording at all, in fact I find it utterly sublime, with great mechanics for flow and strategic pause... The narration style is my favorite, personal narration, it makes it more personal, it describes everythin in personal detail, instead of makin it less relatable by describing another, this describes it from ones own eyes / point of view / view point, as it helps to build stronger rapport between the reader and writer,,, very right on... Take good care mine friend: wolf

Jasmine smith

It's good to finally find a creative art and literature site that actually encourages freedom of the imaginative thought process and takes the pressure off of not "being good enough" or not being meeting the standard for artistic expression and development i also appreciate that the people on this site are ones who share thoughts and opinions without cruel/slanderous accusations and close- minded individuals it's been highly enjoyable experience conversing with u the trading of ideas and opinions has not only been refreshing but also intellectually stimulating  i hope to continue this acquaintanceship with u and wish to hear from you again

intellectually yours