Poem -

Forever Alone

Parallel universe. Enter it as I’m into it, I intuit, it’s little intricate wave within a verse. You pass me by in the street you look pass me I sigh. I sigh as a exhale of smoke, I’m polite as it leaves from the weed you pass me, bye. You feel alone as the thought of you no one by your side. I feel alone with everyone around me I gotta watch my side. I know it sound like paranoia I’m just cautious of who I’m beside. Who knows me close enough to feel like they’re inside? If you are then you should I’m smoking because I’m crying. It’s not literal tears my eyes just water even if I don’t feel it that time. It’s parallel ima tell you why. The smoke in other people hands, brings you peace but you get 5-10, now you behind bars doing time. This smoke in my hands freed up 5-10 years stress bringing me peace as I break from the bars in my mind. I see empty rooms, I walk in them as the illusion of it’s filled with people crowd my mental. I guess to hear from you, I gotta hear from you. What about my needs? I can invite ya to the church but you’ll chicken out, you could at least hold the grease. I burn bridges that’s parallel I needed gasoline. I am forever alone but a blunt in preparation as reparation for your atonement. A tone it makes as i hear nothing from you showing a more harden side cause it’s sure as hell not platonic. If friendship was in the air I can’t smell it’s an endangering aroma. I can’t let my skin touch it, like it can become cancerous fucking up my pigment, like melanoma. It’s why I look paler than usual. My natural color fades bickering over kid shit, it’s juvenile. I just want a visit and get a leg up on our morning, noon, or evening as we kick it. Go deeper into what we have like a shovel, dig it. Then cut out the bad turf we on like a club stroke, a divot. Cause I hope you got one foot down where I’m at so you can come back around, a pivot. So I won’t feel alone, I’ll feel at home and the best part is I don’t have to rent it.