Poem -


*BTW this is pretty much a rant and it kinda just changes throughout 

Is it weird that I wish she came to my school
You have to come at least once isn't that some unspoken rule?

I guess its probably nothing just a chance for her to see 
What I'm doing in class and whats going on with me

Such an interesting phrase don’t hear it very often though
She only asks when my friends are in the car which just makes me feel low

That's another thing I have been struggling with, recently
When my friends in the car my mom just targets me

She says mean things that come out as “jokes” because she is just kidding
It’s like her words are verbal punches and she just keeps on hitting

I mean how many times have I heard the freaking excuse
“I was just joking” when I complain about verbal abuse

I’m so freaking done with people getting away
and not owning up to the things that they say

I said it before in verbal spears
and I’ll say it again for hundreds of years
This crap is getting old 
I don’t want to be freaking told 

that you were just playing around
what If my way of joking was beating you sound

what if I said the same things as you?
what if you face met my freaking shoe

I’ve tried everything but I have nothing left to do
these social dynamics are seriously askew

the worst part is when they tell me to “ignore them it doesn’t matter what they say”
well just shut up because I will never see it that way

I’m not going to change myself just because they are rude
I guess I’ll just stick with being open and shrewd.

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