Poem -

"Giving It Away!"

"Giving It Away!"

"Every little letter,
on every line,
I give to The Glory,
of God,
who will forever,
be So Perfectly Divine!

No matter if The Sun,
comes up or down,
you are blessed by His Grace,
as He is always around,
because you have been saved,
as you were once lost,
you are now found!

Let the joy of deliverance,
be showered on this world,
for we are examples,
to show The Lost,
how to live and give,
and show them,
what Jesus did,
and how much it cost,
what He gave,
so they too,
can give up their hedonistic ways,
and get saved.

Take this journey,
with Jesus,
because you know deep down,
that you actually need this.
You have been ransomed,
He calls us His,
and we keep what we have,
this blessed goodness,
and peace,
by giving it away!
So praise His Name,
all night and day,
for those that seeketh,
they shall find,
so always be courteous,
forgiving and kind,
and help Jesus,
through you,
help The Lost,
change their minds!