Poem -

Stand In The Corner

Stand In The Corner

All My Life
I have
been told
to stand
in the corner

As a 6 year old
In Sunday School
when I was asked
what names
I did not like
to be called
by my peers
I simply

Greg Tucker is a Mother Fucker

I was told to stand in the corner

When I was 8
My parents told me
to not ask my Great Grand Ma
if we could play cards
while we were at
her house
because she did
not "Believe"
in playing cards
because of her
After Dinner my Great Grandma
asked me if I would like to
play a puzzle
I simply said:

Because of my religion
I do not believe in playing with puzzles

I was told to stand in the corner

Throughout grades 1 to 12
I was asked all sorts of questions
by my teachers
Did America win the revolutionary war"
Does Jesus Exist?
Was Mary Jane a friend of mine?
Is sex Okay Before Marriage?
Whatever my answer was:

I was told to stand in the corner

Last Thanksgiving ( I was 51 Years Old)
I found myself
at the usual spot
and my 5 year old
nephew asked
me:Ā Ā 

They Send You to the corner too?

I replied

No! But I always end up here, so might as well
keep you company.....................

Then I heard my wife yelling from the dining room

Greg tell your Nephew that you are permanently assigned
to standing in the corner

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This is so funny..and very, very reminiscent as myself as a child...and adult! Nice work Greg


Really good write angelĀ 

Greg Etsell

when I was kid back 1969 when your bad in school they put you
in the corner faceing the wall with the dunt hat on if I am spelling that right
then if were worst then that they would put you in the closet with coats and close the door that wasn't fun and if you were worst then that off to the principals office would go the good old day you cant do any of those thing today I miss those days great poem