Poem -

Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy Old Man

Waiting at the bus stop and its ten minutes late
Some noisy children are beginning to grate
Their parents let them loose, they impatiently play
The signs are already there, this will be a bad day
ย -
Options are in front of me, should I wait or walk?
My mind is made up for me as a baby squawks,
Feeling unburdened I head to town
As the sky opens up and the rain pours down
ย -
This bad start to the day
It simply couldnโ€™t last,
But the rain got much worse
As I saw the bus drive past
ย -
ย The kids wave through the rear bus window
Laughing at my plight
Is it wrong I wished the bus would break down?
It would serve the buggers right!
ย -
Two bible bashers approach me
Offering to save my soul,
I look for somewhere they wouldnโ€™t follow
The nearest watering hole!
ย -
I needed some respite
And I needed some cheer
So I entered the first pub I saw
And ordered a beer
ย -
I felt much better
ย Iโ€™d drank my fill
Nodding to the bartender
I paid my bill
ย -ย 
The day seemed over
So I jumped on the train
It was full of young students
Christ theyโ€™re a pain!
ย -
I couldnโ€™t get a seat
They were all in my way
The signs were there
This was a very bad day!

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John Astley

Thanks Poetess, I started writing this at the bus stop the other week
I think I'm turning into him !

X John


I know what you mean.... I hate it when you go to a restaurantย and people bring very noisy, very young children and then expect them to not misbehave. or they let them loose like little hellions. not bothering to be a parent. I caught one such child trying to run out the door into the street the other day only to have the parent give me a dirty look and scold me. I looked them right in the eye and told them then next time I'll let the car stop them.


Hahaha....oh dear...a bad day indeed. ย Fab write, John ๐Ÿ˜Š

Tina x

Barry Childs

You should be happy John. The beer in France is rubbish and I've never seen a bus. Nice one mate. Barry x

Nigel Cresswell

Hi John, I have already become that grumpy old man. The most liberating thing about turning 50 was discovering that I had suddenly developed the ability to complain about anything to anybody. It's like and old gits superpower. Great write