Poem -

Grumpy Old Man

"Grumpy old man,"
The young man said.
"Indeed you are very wise!
Though your lines on your face
Have grown increasingly dark
And your hair incessantly white.

How ever did you manageĀ 
At such disadvantageĀ 
Do you think it is truly right?
For you to insistĀ 
While you still exist
To ever put up a fight?"Ā 

The old man scratched his head
As he rose up in bedĀ 
"I feared it might injure my health.
Tho Doctors continueĀ 
To care for me through
On account of all of my weath!"

"Grumpy old man,"
The young man said
"Again you are blind as a bat!
And yet you manageĀ 
To easily walk down the street
How ever can one explain that?"

"In my youth,"
The old man replied.Ā 
"Through every argument with my wife,
With every word that was said,
It became quite clear
For my life I held dearĀ 
I should keep eyesĀ 
In the back of my head!"

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