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Heading home

Which way are you heading . I'm heading that way , want to join me . Witches say powerful words . I'm saying these ones , want to follow me . Signs read all is lost . All is gained . Go back , go forward , go far , go down . Get to the end of the maze . Good luck . Only certain entity's can read the signs  . Which entity are you , what way do you think is best . Witches follow the stars , books and cards . Warlock's know the road most travelled . But none of them made it out.  Religion inspires , cult's brainwash . It may appear cocky , or in your face or scary as hell . Which way are you going , can I follow your lead . Signs read hold on , bumpy ride ahead . Tricky , thrilling , take your breath away . Only entity's get to see what is there  , imaginary mazes. Last sign reads , melt down  the walls . Head  This Way . Home . 

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