Poem -

Heads or tails

So so many years ago 
T'was a time when it was good, 
When Christmas meant warmth & good will
Harmony & peace was, a time it should, 
Be a little happier & wiser, they'd say
Where has respect for life & others faded, 
A planet, a gem to last for always
Simple ways & skills past on & traded, 
Science grows & kills us off slowly
Mankind in a needless rush to succeed, 
Only to force an outcome,hurt & war
People slowly ignored,those in rule have agreed, 
Everyday we are told, that all is well
Many blindly follow while lies are told, 
Mankind respected thy neighbour, not a gun
The way forward was to learn from our old, 
Cast aside the wars of past & future
Our path has been written- unity for change,
Technology grows at a scarily paced leap
And lines crossed,still faith out of our range, 
Where do mankind,finally stop the chase
Destined to crumble earth,so far to dust, 
For if mankind,had one chance to start over
Would we learn or repeat the writers trust. 


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