Poem -

Hold Her Hand

Hold Her Hand

Sit with me and hold my hands.

Lets watch the children
Play in the sand, 
As we Listen to the waves crash on the sea shore,
We watching the sun set
Hand in hand,
As I kiss you softly 
Our hearts smile together,
Let's feel the sun upon our faces my love,
Lets laugh together...
As my love grows with you
I know I've found true love with you,
As the wind blows through your hair we smile,
Let's share our love together
Your my love you are next to me and forever inside my heart with me,
But sweetheart there's no other place I would rather be.

Sitting next to you holding your hand..

© 2020 David P Carroll..

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Dave...This is a beautiful scene by the ocean and holding hands.  I don't think there is anything more romantic than holding someone  you love's hand and knowing you are in your own little world.  Very romantic.  Thanks for sharing. xo ;)