Poem -

Hourglass of Memories

Shards and fragments of puzzles
Dust and mold, like autumn leaves' cold.

The antique clock on the wall
emphasizes lone.

The aroma of coffee wafts by
Bitterness accompanying my side.

Missing you from my heart
buried ,in the middle of the night
in a darkest part.

Constellations hang in the sky
Shining sterling light
Pisces, Apus, Virgo.

Then a comet falls by:
its demise
makes me want to cry

And tears are brought 
to my eyes.

Just like your story
Leaving a faded wound in my life.

The lake is waiting. The silence of the moon in the night...
brings one to their height.

After this moment,
The world is just an hourglass of memories........

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RRG (Rebecca)

Sorrows serenity beautifully written. Feel this write. Have experienced this and can relate to your telling. 

Andrea Yang

thank you Rebecca. I hope you walk towards light in your life.