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I Beat Up A Gamestop Employee

I Beat Up A Gamestop Employee

I got in big trouble one day when I went to the mall to shop.
I beat the crap out of one of the employees at Gamestop.
I told him that I wanted the Nintendo Switch and he suggested that I buy the Lite.
I told him that I wanted the original Switch and he and I ended up getting in a fight.
When I got home and looked in the bag, the employee had given me the Switch Lite instead.
When he refused to exchange it for the original Switch, I beat him up and put a dent in his head.
He said that I asked for the Nintendo Switch Lite which was a lie.
When he wouldn't let me return it, I beat the hell out of that guy.
He thought he could whoop me when he met me outside, but the hospital was where he went.
You'll recognize this employee when you see him because his head is the one with the dent.
I didn't just beat him up because of my bad experience, I also beat him up for every customer who he did wrong.
Other gamers are calling me a hero, but I was still arrested and given a jail sentence that was over 150 days long. 
If you see the Gamestop employee with the dented head, ask to speak to another employee.
Because if you deal with the same person who I did, you'll be going to jail just like me.

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Cherie Leigh

Lol...Yeah!  He deserved it!  I mean, who wants the Lite version where the controllers don't even come off?   Lol  Just kidding...but it made me laugh...especially thinking of the poor guy still left with a dent in his head.  ;)