Poem -

I choose me

I don't want to hear that anymore
The world follows the example you give them on how to treat you
You are not in control of the world
You are in control of you
Sometimes, most of the time
So here in this moment
I choose me
I choose me when I am far from the place I thought I would be and there is not a friend in sight
I choose me when I am helpless in stitches and not a soul thinks that type of pain is funny
I choose me when I feel there is hope left, if I can't find it in the world that it has to be
People will find it in me
I choose me when I keep going back to that tired flaw of mine that takes me 10 steps back
I choose me when I sobbing to my knees and I can't believe I let myself go astray
I choose me over and over again
I don't want to nip that, tuck that, shape that, shed that
I choose to look at me right as I am, stripes and all, flab and all and love me
Boldly, inwardly so much so that it overflows and it's seen outwardly
I want to love me till it pours over and my love touches everybody else
I choose you NEO


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