Poem -

I Had A Dream . . . . . . .

I looked out of the window and there was no fighting,
England was no longer last in the Eurovision song contest,
there was no longer a card player in charge of the States,
better healthcare and no one putting up the rates.

There were no walls, only those that were pulled down,
Elon Musk had invented a new floating town;
we finally got to Mars just to find it was a shithole,
all that talk about fancy canals was just hyperbole.

The best thing was 'teleporting, new ion drive
moving us from one place to another - quick
escape if I was suddenly discovered as your lover,
and could 'whistle' thro' the air to see my mother.

We were happy, the stupid bombers were gone,
nothing left to argue about because we were all one.   

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