Poem -

I was thinking

I was thinking

I was thinking of a moment
when my silence it was golden
and the thought of conversation
was effecting my emotion

I sat counting messages
yet to be returned
as the voices would embellish
the ideas that came to mind

It wasn’t til the avenue
and pathway I was walking
brought a certainty of solace
to my quiet disposition

only then it seemed to follow
a philosophy – a concept
that whomever I’d become
would construe a simple pleasure

yet from valley to the mountain
from the mountain to the valley
I could see a supple situ
of a thought yet to behold

holding it would justify
a common absolution
and make but one exception
to a calm and tempered soul

why a supple situ
one may ask with reason
does it ever or for always
render thoughtfulness surreal

from pathways that stay open
to a maze remaining closed
one may never need to bellow
to believe in what is told

foretelling is a virtue
many rarely seem to follow
for belief in always ever
sums up a stronger faith

a faith in what can be
and what may never seem to rise
whilst knowing absolution
is life’s blessing of surprise

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