Poem -

Ice Angel

Walking  in the snow among the sparkling trees. 
The wind of promise fills the air.
Scented with a winter claritity
in many ways a dream.
Is what I recall in my heart .
Turn towards me silence  these words escaped me .
Turn towards me life.
In a moment I heard strong
Wings and sensed the moment heaven arrived.
In a crystal vision he stood 
Amongst the pine trees. 
Watching this mortal world in
Deep concern.
He had silver hair long but bound
With his wings not open.
 When his gaze met mine 
Centuries of blood memory 
Came to me of angel's and men.
Of our deep connection even though so far apart.
The air around him shimmered as if in motion and the fire ice eyes still held.
I felt deep love for this off duty spirit.
And said so in my mind.
He smiled at me so angelic 
He unfurled his majestic wings.
Back to work my lady
is what he seemed to say.
In a sparkling moment he was gone .
Just a day dream some would say.
But he and I know the very truth.
He is just a heart beat away.

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Cherie Leigh

What a nice thought to think an angel is always with you, and that connection there...Beautiful. xo ;)

Violet Freese

Yes it is.  We are not to worship these majestic messengers.  For they want us to focus on God.  But every now and then a little appreciation for one of gods works is ok  I think.  Blessings to you glad you enjoyed.