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Ornate trees frosty gown
Boughs don icicle crown
Winter’s garland icescape
Frigid upon alabaster drape

Lambent constellations aglow
Courting a moon hung low
Mistral breath ghostly haze
Align waxen lunar phase

Snow white tis a winter frock
Nature divvies a solstice shock
Stasis streams press ashore
Striving freedom once more

Fur and fowl slumber still
Dreamt amidst blustery chill
Sheltered from an icy disdain
Ignorant of embittered refrain

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Cherie Leigh

Brrrrrrr....This made me get a chill, Lisa....Is it winter already?Β  I have not even experienced fall here in NC yet....but I do see a hint of color change in the trees now.Β  What very beautiful imagery of the icy landscape that winter brings..Poetically perfect!Β  Love n Hugs, xoΒ Β 

Hard rock lover

Beautifully written . Much enjoyed. I don’t care too much for winter but your poems are hard to beat , rockΒ