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If only, Mum - A chance embrace in Heaven

If only, Mum - A chance embrace in Heaven

If I could pop into Heaven, we could have a nice walk,

To the peonies by the fountains where we could have a good talk

Hummingbirds are softly humming, and the songbirds are in full song,

And a robin chirps as it hops close by, happily where it belongs

I could tell you how much I love you and miss you oh so much!

We could have a hug together, and I could feel your loving touch,

The angels are beckoning - my time is not for long,

But to have that chance embrace again, my heart can carry on!

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Hello Lyndy...

Heaven definitely has strict policies...

I bet a lot of people who thought they were getting in were highly mistaken too...

There's a Maximum Capacity...

It's the Palace of all Palaces indeed!

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...



Lyndy Bo-Lyn

Hi Sparrowsong - many thanks to you! 

Felt I had to do this for Mum. I very much agree with you; there are those who are thinking that they will definitely get there, but will be hugely disappointed! I love the way you have commented on this point - just pure magic! Your words are your treasure!!