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I'll Love You Forever


I'll Love You Forever

My beating heart
My smiling heart
Fueled by her happinessĀ 
Her joy, and her warm touch
I'm so in love with you,

You will forever be my beloved

My heart is yearning for her love
It's true love come true
She's my greatest love
As I slowly kiss you love and hold you in my arms

This love is so true andĀ 
Sweetheart it's so deep inside me because I love you
A passion of everlasting love
Between me and you
We dance among the stars
At night and listen to our heart's beating there single
Our love song in harmony
We fall in love under the moonlight
With a magical kissĀ 
And a warm touch
My heart feels your love
You have changed my life so much I'm
So much I'm in love
From that first time we met it's
True love come true
When we are together your all I need my happiness and joy
And the air that I breath
This love will last Forever
Sweetheart holding you in my arms I softly whisper I'll I love you forever..

Ā© 2020 David P Carroll Poems..

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Dave. I know you are over in Ireland, so you may not understand the reference I am about to make, but your writing in this one reminds me of the cartoon character by Looney Tunes that was a little skunk named, Pepe le Pew that was a very amorous soul and always speaking of love...lol. He was very devoted to his cause of love and romance as you are here. xo ;)