Poem -

I'm Tired of Your Damn Complaints

You asked for my help because you have a broken arm and leg.
I've been helping you because I hate to see a grown man beg.
But all you do is whine and complain.
I'm sick of it, you're such a pain.
Your wife got sick of hearing you so she packed her bags and walked out the door.
She is luckier than me, she doesn't have to put up with your big mouth anymore.
When I cook, you yell because your eggs are runny and your bacon is burned.
You don't like how I make your bed and there is something that I've learned.
Even though I'm doing your chores for free, you can't and won't be satisfied.
When you threw your coffee in my face, I hit you and like a little girl, you cried.
When I took your clothes to the dry cleaner, they lost your favorite shirt.
You're blaming me and I'm so fed up that I'll turn savage and you'll get hurt.
I wish you would get laryngitis because you're so outspoken.
And if you had paid the loan shark on time, your limbs wouldn't be broken.

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Simon Bromley

I like the gritty humour of this.  Very well written.

al Bikaadi

Hahahahaha LOVED IT... you managed to do in a minute what a Sienfeld episode does in an hour! ❤