Poem -

In Love?

Fragrance of roses and orchids and lilacs fill the air outside,
With cloud of odds and illusions and ego filling the heart inside?
Glorious fantasies and expectations lay ahead,
With secrets and possessions lying behind?

When moist air embraces the face stirring loneliness,
Faith in my love, replenishes the emptiness;
Is it the decision of fate or timing of your decision-
That made me fall for you or fall to your action?

When skeptic thoughts whir through the mind,
Bringing peaceful answers makes them vague;
Is it the concern or game plan of your time,
That made your presence obstinate in mine?

Reliving memories down the lane revoking feelings alike,
Are calmed down when you bear them manlike;
Is it your desire that coincided with my excitement,
That made me to die without your accompaniment?

Earning for an understanding where silence sings,
Is brought by you when even your dream tings;
Is it your verity or guise that has my trust,
That made the whole world mean a naught to me?

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