Poem -

Pain in Love

Waiting for you beneath the starry night sky,
Spreading tranquility everywhere it could reach,
Amongst the wild flower fragrance,
And the rustle of the amorous leaves,
While the beasts wander in their fancy world -
Visible under their slumbering eyelids,
I wonder, whither are you bound to?

Ticks of time made me impatient,
My lyre switched from excitement to yenning,
All by its own, feeling my emotions concerned now,
For she never slept over her words,
For she forgets herself to the tune of my lyre,
As I forget myself to the ringing voice of her beauty!

The morning sun dawned upon the beautiful lilac filled sky,
The trees let out a sigh of shiver to the zephyr of the morning mist,
That expired a cold news when the forest cried in pain,
That's when I woke to realize -
She never came!

Unaware of the path, I wandered the woods,
Depressed in her love, not playing my lyre,
To which the birds sang, and the beasts fell inebriated,
It was then, then that I tripped over her,
To find on her, a vicious serpent bite,
To which she lay a victim amidst the darkness’ silence!

She was dead!
Long gone was her soul,
To the prisons of the house of the Hades!
Long gone was her smile,
To the bitter coldness of the kingdom of Pluto!
Long gone was her life,
To the lifeless world of the meadow of shadows!

How can I live without my Eurydice?
I cried and cried in vain till my heart shattered,
Into a million lost pieces which none can pursue after,
To make me the same lyre musician or the mystical poet,
Or to make me the same endearing Orpheus,
Again, in this life that belonged to my cherubic nymph!

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Mitsali Fatima

Oh my gosh!
There is so much emotion in this and written so beautifully :)
Heart-tugging and wonderful at the same time 

Tony Taylor

Hello ESASH!!.....a VERY well crafted epic-type piece that delivers on several fronts....... the inclusion of the myths and legends in a poetic prose sense...... with commanding phrasing that sets the minds eye ablaze with the intoxication of Love and Death!!........ALL STARS!!.......well done....... and.......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴❤

A Lonely Journey

Wow, fantastic, emotional writing, Esash. 
Just gorgeous.