Poem -

Insidious Sounds

Insidious Sounds

You'll see purpose start to surface, inside your cell
It's hard to be a hero when you're treated like an infidel
I find the number zero building up the one inside my shell
The misdeeds I've committed woulda sent me to a pit in hell

I thought I was evil. This is true
You said I could be whole. Well, this is new

We let the people all around us metamorphasize
The solid ground that we once knew into a mire full of lies

You finally realize
The birth from your cocoon
will never be a butterflies

More like that of a moth who's following blindly, the light it did scoff
No longer a man of the manner of cloth
I'll stand but can't save you, redemption is off

By death, you have lost all, the end of a dance.
By death, I have found all, a purposeful chance.

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Excellent poetry keep writing angel