Poem -

Internal Anarchy

Internal Anarchy

Incessant quarrel midst dark morality,
Cavernous wound tests mortality.
Rage implodes, incinerates blood cells,
Lacerates mindset, induced paranoid spells.

Pent up fracas inside null of mirth,
I retract my tact intact for what it’s worth.
Put up a front, a masquerade and feathered,
A lightening rod endure all that is weathered.

I suffer in silence, restrained to my thoughts,
Calamities pain, refrain, forever taught.
Be a man, all that I can with spunk and a backbone,
Brave a smile, all the while inside I always moan.

I embellish and cherish the times that are mine,
My children and bow and wow, peace of mind,
Until I venture out to work, consumed, procrastination,
My thoughts embowed, unclear of my destination.


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Edward Williams

Funny thing about poetry isent it ther dosent really seem to be a clear destination .. great write 


So much angst in this poem that is expressively portrayed..good job and well written Edward
Lodigiana xx

Terry Kay

Simon,. I admire your writing.  Love .Terry Kay