Poem -

it’s never too late

it’s never too late

Take this pill, it’ll help you sleep
take another pill , it’ll make you feel less weak
take a seat on the waiting list
twelve long weeks
they wonder why suicide attempts are so high
why others are afraid too speak
the mental health system is screwed
you win this battle or simply just loose

Sleepless nights, aching bones
sick too your stomach you go days without food to eat
cancelling on your friends who you said you would meet
thoughts driving you insane
others making out its only yourself you have too blame
after all it is your mind, yet we treat ourselves so unkind

Looking in the mirror and I can no longer see myself
I see a stranger looking into my soul
I see bloodshot eyes and tear’s rolling down my face
I used to be beautiful, but I’ve lost my grace
I lost my identity to anxiety 
others telling me to just be happy 
yet how can I be?
I don’t know what is the cause
why all of a sudden my life is left on pause
why I cant go a day without thinking something bad will happen
worrying of what others may say
getting frustrated because these thoughts simply won’t go away
God are you there? Please hear my prayer
please heal me and show that you care
take care of my loved ones and show them there’s hope
God please guide me to somewhere safe
please ease my mind, before I lose myself
                     Before it’s too late. 

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Gerard McGowan

We are on our own Grace, I refuse to give some Dr money to figure out the inner workings of my mind, it's up to us.

Love and light to you, I hope you find peace.


Stay strong gorgeous girl ❤️