Poem -

Just before bed

Just before bed

Things never said
Just before bed
Wearing a smile
For more than a while
Secrets that fly
Many sparkles in the eye
Laughing so much
That their souls' touch
But it's not that way
Friends for another day
Not lovers that will one day go blue
Because this love is true
True in friendship
The strongest battleship
I can't explain a pain that grew
When someone told me they loved you
I don't know why it hurt 
Its friendship that much is overt
Anyone can see what you mean to she
But I've hidden love within me

There is another for me
But... I'm not sure you see?
And then you and the girl
That innocent pearl
You look so happy seeing her there
I laugh with you whilst I let my heart tear
What is wrong with me
Can I not just let you be
A best friend
Till the end
My almost love
Sent from above

But you will always be
My everyday heartbreak, you see?
Because I'm stupid enough to like you and him
And every day I'm commuting this sin
I want to be just friends
But my heart is wondering down deadends

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Tony Taylor

Such a beautiful longing and hurt is laid bare within this well delivered piece of, what appears to be, poetic prose......but in actuality is well structured Verse..... with a fine sense of rhythm and timing tucked into its fluidity......I could feel the pain and the struggle of the author's dilemma J.J.!!......ALL STARS!!.....well done dear poet sister.....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

J J Isha

Thank you so much - this is so amazing and helpful! :)

Roger Joseph

Reminds me of my flame... it's like it's her words... pinned it loved it... winner

J J Isha

Thanks RJ, means a lot :)