Poem -

Kiss Me

Kiss Me

Kiss me adoringly
Kiss me long
Kiss me to our favorite song
Kiss me softly
Kiss me sweet 
Make me tingle to my feet
Kiss me passionately
Kiss me slow
Kiss me in the candle glow
Kiss me in the morning 
Kiss me at night
Kiss me anytime 
The mood feels right


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Love it 😍 beautiful lady!!


Thank you baby;)


Beautiful poem! 

Cherie Leigh

Hi A.J...I like how you think!  Lol  There is nothing more sexy than a kiss...especially from one you love so passionately.  Very sassy write....Love it. xo ;)

Richard Waters

IF YOU NEED THE KISS, CAN YOU TAKE THE " BOOM " ? There, is the " effect " of giving your heart and soul to the " connection " !!! In " fantasy light " dances the naked stray, longing foe the better day. In the energy of the " search " is the " voyage " of DISCOVERY. You, let yourself loose in the underworld transgression, to " break " for the smooth surface, where each breath seems so much more.
To be in harmony with others leaves you " ready " to read messages, transmitted by far more than language. " Diving " into the freshly " poured " pool of tranquil contemplation you find your " reason " to exist. Do you not ?
What, is more educational than the sharing of all that matters. In the " voluptuous " trade of mindset and philosophical capability....without words. :) :) The " physical " joins forces with the " spiritual being " ? :)
MOVE OVER SOCRATES. MOVE OVER PLATO. MOVE OVER PLINY. Here, lies the truth. Here, lies the yearning. Here, lies the learning.
Once there, you have the path to understanding all that you are. In the eyes, and lips, of another !!! :) :) !!
XXX  :)