Poem -

Know me.

Do you know me.
Not the me you see.
But the true me.

The me that's Fluid.
Not bind by labels, but free
My skin, it's tone the flesh, my home.

The way my hair curls when wet.
The earthy brown hues of my eyes 
And when darkness blooms 
The way my face it frowns.

Do you really know me .
The me whose soul , 
Suffers. Injustice, narcotics 
And slowly drown.

The me who smiles 
And stand firms his ground 
Thick lips
Long steps
Skin cocoa brown 

Do you really, really know me.
The me
That has long nights.
Hard days 
Belly rumble 
Light out 
Surviving this round.

The me you don't really see.

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