Poem -

My Song

Won't you sing with me
Songs of old, songs of new 
Songs of stories of who we once knew 
This spirit in me sings softly,sweetly and smooth
Knowing that I a black man in this non-black world which safety ain't uphold
For kings of our kind. 
So I sang
What did I know to sing but this tune 
In this bittersweet moment of freedom
Never truly fully Knowing then that freed physically yes 
But mentally still enslaved
But this tune oh this tune added with Nana tune keeps my spirit free
To know that as long as this lamp keeps burning
This world won't smother this hope.

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Tony Taylor

Sing on my friend!!!!.......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......T xo 🐧❤

Rohan Donald

Thanks Tony and that I most definitely will.

Ian Smith

Damn you Tony, you beat me to "sing on my friend" lol
Awesome words Rohan, great to read and inspirational, welcome to cosmo bud 😁