Poem -


Laughter; by: Michelle Mcclory


The empty curse
it keeps getting worse
while all the pain inside
I always loved to hide
boils up beneath me
and blows the lid to the sky
who is this now
what is this lie?

You chuckled at my worries
and belted back my tears
as quick as one would hurry
to leave without a care

Hope you found the rope that
will lift you
to the tip
hold it while it fills you
gluing those severed lips

At chance you had once warned me
that it could not quite be cured
for it will knot
the rope each day
break you
and allure

The silence you are made from
holds the words yet haven't found
a happiness is out there
for with this rope
you are bound

Cut it while it leaves you
lifting lips from glass
hear it while it shatters
while a memory shouts at last
rejoicing in the storm
that hardly ever passed.

By: Michelle Mcclory


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